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A new comedy by the writer of “Hen Party Night” Chris Ponka, telling the story of club bouncer Phil, DJ Doug, and barman Colin… It’s coming up to Halloween and the nightclub in which the trio all work has no act, so the boys decide to put on a little show of their own....

Bringing together Michael Cross, Andrew Ryan and Patric Kearns, get ready for a entertainment filled evening where The Full Monty meets Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, featuring music by such divas as Barbra Streisand, Shirley Bassey and Judy Garland. But be warned ‐ this play is strictly for adults only with strong language and adult content from the start!

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“No one escapes the Raining Men treatment from Edith Piaf to Scary Spice. Streisand, Bassey and Judy Garland all appear as you have never seen them before and never will again in your lifetime and your children’s lifetime.... not for prudes or those with high blood pressure... Don't bother to remember the punchlines of the deluge of jokes either, there is absolutely nowhere on earth you could ever possibly retell them... ”
Review: Julian Bray – Peterborough Nov 2010

“Hordes of women attended the premiere at the Pomegranate intent on having a good night out. They danced in the aisles, waved their hands in the air, sang along to Abba’s Dancing Queen, did all the actions to YMCA and gave the all-male cast a standing ovation. In their guy to gal transformations, they proved there ain’t nothing like a dame when it comes to having fun. Their frocky horror spooktackular had the first night audience howling with laughter.”
Review: Gay Bolton – Derbyshire Times 2010


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